(PSR) – Grades K-8

The Church continues the mission of Jesus to bring about God’s kingdom by proclaiming the teaching of God’s Word, celebrating the sacred mysteries, and serving the people of the world. St. Joseph Parish seeks to embody a threefold dimension of message, community, and service.

These elements are inseparably linked in the life of the individual and in the parish community. Catechesis is our chief purpose. It is a form of ministry of the Word, which proclaims and teaches. Its purpose is to make a person’s faith life become living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction at his/her stage of development.

                     PSR program seeks to:

- create an environment in which the person can have an experience of God:
-respect the stages of faith development in the individual
 -challenge the individual to grow in his/her personal relationship with God
-foster and enrich a deep faith life
-reach out to others in need
-celebrate the life of faith liturgically in the parish community

PSR classes will resume in September and go to the end of April. They are held on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:45 p.m. and ending at 8:15 p.m. Classes are held in the St. Joseph’s Faith Center (the old school building which sits next to the church). To enroll your child in St. Joseph’s PSR program, fill out the registration and medical release form and return to the Parish Office by August 25th. Please notify Alice Altstaetter with any questions or concerns (see contact information above).
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